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On its 60th year, ASEP is bestowing ASEP Outstanding Achievement Awards (AOAA) to recognize ASEP members who have made outstanding and exemplary contributions to the structural engineering profession, the community, the country, and/ or the world.

Nominees shall be at least ASEP Regular member in good standing and in the practice of any of the structural sub-specialty fields or in the field of structural engineering education. MOSE awardees are excluded from nominations.

This award aims to focus the attention of ASEP members, the professional community and the public on these achievements so they may serve as inspiration for everybody.



Nominations for AOAA are open to ASEP Fellow / Regular members for the different categories awards. Any Fellow / Regular member in good standing can nominate one candidate using the prescribed AOAA Nomination Form which should be duly accomplished and signed. Self-nomination is not allowed.

All entries shall comply with the mandatory documentary requirements as enumerated in Annex A of the Nomination Form.

All entries shall be delivered/ emailed to ASEP (asep.60th@gmail.com), Unit 713, Future Point Plaza 1, Panay Ave., Quezon City and must be received by the ASEP Secretariat on or before August 31, 2021.

2. AOAA Committee

The AOAA Committee is composed of nine (9) officers and members of the College of Fellows who are disqualified for nomination.  The AOAA has the authority to pass judgement on any issue or question that may arise in connection with these rules.  The AOAA Committee shall deliberate on the nominations based on the merits of the nominee’s achievements and guided by the prescribed judging criteria. The decision of the Committee shall be deemed final and executory as approved by the BOD.


The Awards Committee shall be composed of:

Efren H. Sison, F. ASEP


Antonio A. Abola, F. ASEP
Roberto P. Bernardo, F. ASEP
Miriam Lusica Tamayo, F. ASEP
Cesar C. Pabalan, F. ASEP
Virgilio B. Columna, F. ASEP
Anthony Vladimir C. Pimentel, F. ASEP
Wilfredo S. Lopez. F. ASEP
Ariel P. Santos, F. ASEP


3. Award Considerations

The judges can opt not to declare an award winner if no one of the nominees meets the minimum set of criteria for the award.


The nominee must accept the nomination in writing and email to asep.60th@gmail.com.



  1. Must be an active member of ASEP for the last 10 years
  2. Must have been in the practice of structural engineering for at least 20 years
  3. Must not have been convicted / adjudicated of any criminal / administrative case
  4. Must have no arrears at the time of nomination
  5. Documentary Requirements:
    • Two (2) copies of duly accomplished and signed prescribed nomination Forms
    • Two pictures colored 2″ x 2″ or passport size of Nominee
    • Copies/pictures of citations, honors, awards received as claimed in Bio-data



The Nominee is judged for excellence in his field of practice or endeavor, leadership in his sphere of activities and contributions for the welfare of the profession, the community the country and/or the world with the following weighted ratings:

Excellence/Achievements                   – 75%

Service/Contribution to Community – 15%

Involvement in ASEP                           – 10%

To qualify as an awardee, a nominee must get a rating of at least eighty percent (80%).

The nominee must have complied with all the rules and requirements of the AOAA.




Outstanding Achievement Award in the Field of Structural Engineering Practice

  • High Rise Buildings – max of 5 awardees
  • Bridges (Iconic and Special Bridges) – max of 5 awardees
  • Special structures (ports and harbors, dams, power plants, tunnels) – max of 5 awardees
  • Earthquake Engineering & Disaster Management – max of 5 awardees

Outstanding Achievement Award in the Field of Structural Engineering Education – max of 5 awardees