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About Us

The Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (ASEP)


Connecting structural engineers to the industry for more than 50 solid years.

The Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines, Inc. (ASEP) is the recognized organization of Structural Engineers of the Philippines. Established in 1961, ASEP has been existence for more than 50 solid years.
ASEP is known for its publications like the different volumes of the National Structural code of the Philippines, the approved referral codes of the Philippine National Building Code. In ASEP’s roster of members, you will find structural engineers of renowned structural ability, reliability and professionalism.

Our Statement


ASEP Mission Statement

ASEP is a nationally-recognized association which exists to advance structural engineering practice, uphold high ethical values, and promote national and international professional collaborations with governments, industry, and academe. It shall serve as a respected, authoritative and proactive voice in the development of codes and standards, and shall contribute to nation building by advocating public safety and welfare, and sustainability of the built environment.

ASEP Vision Statement

ASEP envision itself to be a dynamic internationally-known structural engineering organization, equipped with resources and competent members, dedicated to the improvement of the quality of life.

Code of Ethics

It shall be considered unprofessional and inconsistent with honorable and dignified bearing for any members of the Association of Structural Engineers of the Philippines:

  • To act for his client or for his employer otherwise than as a faithful agent or trustee.
  • To accept remuneration for services rendered other than from his client or his employer.
  • To invite or submit priced proposals under conditions that constitute price competition for professional services.
  • To attempt to supplant another engineer in a particular engagement after definite steps have been taken towards his employment.
  • To attempt to injure, falsely or maliciously, the professional reputation, business, or employment position of another engineer.
  • To review the work of another engineer for same client, except with the knowledge of engineer, unless such engineer’s engagement on the work which is subject to review has been terminated.
  • To advertise engineering services in self-laudatory language, or in any other manner derogatory to the dignity of the profession.
  • To use the advantages of the salaried position to complete unfairly with other engineers.
  • To exert undue influence or to other, solicit or accept compensation for the purpose of affecting negotiations for an engineering engagement.
  • To act in any manner derogatory to the honor, integrity or dignity of the engineering profession.

Adapted from the American Society of Civil Engineers ‘Code of Ethics’, August 5, 1973

Organizational Chart




SECTION 1. Name – The name of the Association shall be ASSOCIATION OF STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS OF THE PHILIPPINES, INC. “ hereinafter referred to as the
“ASEP” or “Association”.(NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)

SECTION 2. Objectives – The objectives of the Association are as provided in the Articles of Incorporation shall not be changed except in accordance with all applicable Philippine laws and regulations. The objectives of the Association are for the protection of public safety and the enhancement of professional well-being of its members by: (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)

  1. promoting the advancement of structural engineering knowledge;
  2. promoting and fostering camaraderie among Filipino structural engineers; (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)
  3. promoting the highest standard of practice for structural engineering in the country to serve the best interest of the clients, the community and the public;
  4. engaging in research and development; (NOVEMBER 9, 2015..)
  5. creating, fostering and promoting a spirit of cooperation and to provide a medium for the free and wider exchange of ideas and information among the members; (NOVEMBER 9, 2015..)
  6. maintaining high ethical and professional standards in the practice of structural engineering;
  7. enhancing the practice by providing continuing professional development seminars, conventions, and trainings; (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)
  8. promoting and fostering relationships with other allied technical and scientific organizations in the Philippines and in other countries; (NOVEMBER 9, 2015..)
  9. publishing manuals, codes, references which may be adopted as a national standard or referral codes; (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)
  10. acquiring, in the ASEP’s name, real and other properties for the furtherance of the objectives of the ASEP as set forth herein, and whenever necessary, to transfer and convey the same to any third party as security for any indebtedness it may incur; and, (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)
  11. receiving endowments, grants, donations and/or contributions in money or other property from any person or institution devoted to ASEP’s objectives. (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)

SECTION 3. Headquarters – The Association shall have its headquarters in the National Capital Region. The Association may have such other offices in the Philippines, as the Board of Directors may designate. (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)


SECTION 1. Grades – Membership in the Association shall consist of the following grades: ASSOCIATE MEMBER, REGULAR MEMBER, FELLOW, AFFILIATE MEMBER,

SECTION 2. Common Criteria for Admission as Associate Member, Regular Member and Fellow – All applicants for ASSOCIATE MEMBER, REGULAR MEMBER and FELLOW must be Filipino citizens; holder of valid professional license in Civil Engineering granted by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) and regularly and extensively engaged in the practice of Structural Engineering, (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)

In all cases, the applicant must also show that he/she has not been convicted of a crime in any tribunal, or disciplined by ASEP or other professional organizations and/or the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC). (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)

An applicant who is “regularly and extensively engaged in the practice of structural engineering” shall be understood in accordance with the specific criteria enumerated in the succeeding sections. (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)

It is understood that these criteria must be present, at the time of application and for the duration of membership, if admitted. (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)

Application for membership in the Association shall be made in writing, in a form to be prescribed and approved by the Board of Directors. Admission to membership shall be made in accordance with the procedures and requirements prescribed under these By-Laws. (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)

Lastly, in all applications, the applicant must be able to secure individually written and signed endorsement letters from the prescribed number and members of the Association as stated below. (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)

SECTION 3. Associate Member – To qualify as an Associate Member, the applicant must show that:

  1. he/she is at least twenty five years (25) years of age at the time of application, and (NOVEMBER 9, 2015.)
  2. have at least three (3) continuous years of full-time/relevant structural engineering practice and must have accumulated twenty (20) continuing professional development (CPD) units from ASEP-accredited structural engineering conferences, seminars or conventions, within the last four (4) years prior to application, or earned twelve (12) units in Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering Major in Structural Engineering courses from reputable universities, have attended twenty (20) hours of inter-office structural engineering lectures or have performed as a Lecturer or Resource Speaker in Structural Engineering , and (NOVEMBER 9, 2015..)
  3. endorsed by three (3) active REGULAR MEMBERS OR FELLOWS of ASEP, either exclusively from either grades, or a combination thereof. (NOVEMBER 9, 2015..)
  4. passed the screening process conducted by the Membership Screening Board (MSB). (NOVEMBER 9, 2015..)

SECTION 4. Regular Member – The following are the qualifications prior to acceptance as REGULAR MEMBER:

  1. He/she is at least thirty (30) years old at the time of the application;
  2. at least seven (7) years continuous and full-time/relevant structural engineering practice, five (5) years of which must be continuous immediately prior to application, or have at least ten (10) years of academic practice in teaching structural engineering subjects. A Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering major in Structures is equivalent to two (2) years of active practice and a Doctorate Degree in Civil Engineering major in Structures is equivalent to three (3) years of active practice, and ; ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  3. accumulated sixty (60) Continuing Professional Development (CPD) units from ASEP accredited conferences, seminars or conventions, within the last five (5) years prior to application ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  4. endorsed by three (3) ACTIVE REGULAR MEMBERS OR FELLOWS of ASEP, either exclusively from either grades, or a combination thereof. (
    NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  5. passed the screening process conducted by the Membership Screening Board (MSB), A REGULAR MEMBER shall have the privilege of using the title: “MEMBER,
    ASSOCIATION OF STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS OF THE PHILIPPINES” or “M.ASEP” in connection with his/her professional practice. ( NOVEMBER 16,

SECTION 5. Fellow – There shall be no direct admission to the grade of FELLOW. Admission shall only be through transfer from the grade of REGULAR MEMBER. To be
eligible for transfer to the grade of FELLOW, a REGULAR MEMBER must:

  1. be at least forty (40) years of age;
  2. have accumulated one hundred (100) continuing professional development (CPD) units from ASEP accredited conferences, seminars or conventions, within the last seven (7) years prior to application; ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  3. have had responsible charge for not less than ten (10) years, in the grade of REGULAR MEMBER, of important work in structural engineering and be qualified to direct, conceive, plan or design structural engineering works; OR in lieu of such experience, shall have had responsible charge for not less than fifteen (15) years, in the grade of REGULAR MEMBER, of important industrial, business, construction, educational, editorial, research, or engineering society activity, requiring the knowledge and background gained from the structural engineering training and experience; ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  4. have served as member of a committee for at least ten (10) aggregate years, or shall have served as a member of the Board of Directors for at least five (5) aggregate terms, and ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  5. be endorsed by at least three (3) members of the College of Fellows, and Past Presidents of ASEP, at least forty (40) years of age, are automatically elevated to the
    grade of FELLOW. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

A FELLOW shall have the privilege of using the title “FELLOW, ASSOCIATION OF STRUCTURAL ENGINEERS OF THE PHILIPPINES” or “F.ASEP” in connection with his/her
professional practice.

The Fellows shall constitute the College of Fellows (COF), which shall be the highest advisory and complementary body to the ASEP Board. The functions of the COF are embodied in the COF Implementing Rules and Regulations

SECTION 6. Affiliate Member – To become eligible, the applicant must show that:

  1. he/she is a foreign national and a holder of a valid professional license of a Civil/Structural Engineer, or its equivalent, granted by their country of citizenship; (AS
    AMENDED ON NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  2. he/she has at least ten (10) continuous years of full-time/relevant structural engineering practice, or have at least twenty (20) years of full-time academic practice in teaching structural engineering;( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  3. applicant’s country/economy of citizenship has a reciprocity agreement and policy that allows qualified Filipinos to become members in similar professional organizations in such country, and; ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  4. he/she has not been convicted of a crime or disciplined due to breach of professional ethics. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

An AFFILIATE MEMBER shall have no privilege in connection with his/her professional practice in the Philippines. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

SECTION 7. Honorary Member – HONORARY MEMBERSHIP is conferred to an individual by virtue of his/her exemplary professional achievements in engineering or has provided immense contribution to greatly advance the objectives of the Association. The individual must be of good moral character and must have not been convicted of any crime or administratively adjudicated. The conferment must be initiated by the College of Fellows and unanimously approved by the ASEP Board. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

An Honorary Member has no right to vote and cannot be nominated and be elected to office.

He/She, however, may be appointed as a member of any committee as determined by the President. (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

The ASEP Board, at any time, may revoke honorary membership granted to an individual who has been proven to have violated any provision of these By-laws. (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

SECTION 8. Certificate and Oath of Membership – The Association shall issue a Certificate and Oath of Membership to each member, which shall be in a form approved by the Board of Directors. In case a certificate is lost, destroyed, or mutilated, a new certificate may be issued upon payment of a reasonable replacement fee which the Board on its discretion may require. In case a member resigns, ceases to be a member, or is suspended or expelled, the member shall return the certificate of membership to the Secretary for cancellation or safekeeping, whichever is applicable, at the headquarters of ASEP. (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

SECTION 9. Good Standing – An ASEP member shall be considered to be in good standing when he/she: (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

  1. is also a good member in standing in the appropriate professional regulatory body which he/she belongs, and has not been serving sentence for any crime/administrative penalty; (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  2. has no arrears in membership dues, regardless of fiscal year/s covered; (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  3. has attended at least one (1) ASEP general membership meeting, or has been actively involved as a member of a committee or has attended at least one (1) ASEP convention, conference or seminar/webinar, or submitted a technical paper to the ASEP newsletter, per fiscal year; (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  4. has not violated any provision of these By-Laws, Code of Ethics, Rules and Regulations, Manual of Practice, and other issuances of the Association; (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  5. has complied with all the obligations, duties, and undertakings of membership; and (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)
  6. has participated in at least three (3) elections, for the past five years, reckoned from the date of issuance of the certificate of good standing. (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

A member on approved leave of absence may retain his/her status of good standing provided that his/her dues are settled. (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

A registry of members in good standing shall be posted in the ASEP website or in any newspaper of general circulation annually at the start of the fiscal year. Certificate of good standing issued by the ASEP shall be valid for one (1) fiscal year during the application or request by any member. (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

SECTION 10. Right to Vote – At every meeting of the members of ASEP, every qualified member in good standing and not on leave of absence or otherwise ineligible according to these By-Laws, is entitled to one vote. (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

Voting by proxy shall be allowed, provided that it shall be in writing according to the standard format prescribed by the Secretary, signed by the member, showing an intention to empower the person to whom it is given to act as agent in voting, and is filed with the Secretary at least twenty-four (24) hours prior to the election. Only members in good standing may act as proxy to another member. (NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

SECTION 11. Title or Interest in Funds and Assets – No member shall have or acquire any right, title or interest in the funds and assets of the Association nor be entitled to share in the distribution of any assets of the ASEP. All funds and assets of the Association shall be utilized and applied by the Board of Directors for the attainment of the purposes and objective, as stated in these By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)


SECTION 1. Elevation to the Grade of Fellow – In addition to the requirements set forth in Article II Section 5, the procedures for the elevation of a REGULAR MEMBER to the grade of FELLOW shall be in accordance with the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the COF. The COF Membership Screening Committee shall make nominations to the grade of FELLOW to the COF Officers who shall endorse qualified nominees to the ASEP Board of Directors for approval. The affirmative votes of at least eight (8) Directors shall be required to elevate a REGULAR MEMBER to the grade of Fellow. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

SECTION 2. Admission as Regular Member, Associate Member or Affiliate Member – Aside from the requirements and procedures to be observed in applying for AFFILIATE, ASSOCIATE MEMBER AND REGULAR Member to ASEP enumerated in Article II Sections 2, 3, 4 and 6, a unanimous vote of the MSB is required for an application to be favorably endorsed to the Board of Directors who shall review the findings of the former. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

The applicant shall be duly admitted upon approval of the eight (8) members of the Board of Directors. Elevation from ASSOCIATE MEMBER to REGULAR MEMBER shall be processed following the same procedure as admission of a new REGULAR MEMBER. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

SECTION 3. Leave of Absence – A member of ASEP in good standing may apply, in writing, a leave of absence for not more than two (2) years, addressed to the President, and subject to the approval of the Board of Directors. The Board may, at its discretion, grant extensions of leave of absence, also to be requested in writing, provided that a member shall not be on leave for more than six (6) consecutive years. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

A member on leave of absence shall not head a committee, nominate, be nominated, or be elected to office.

SECTION 4. Resignation – An ASEP member may resign from the Association by written communication to the President, to be presented to the Board of Directors for notification. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

A member on leave of absence for more than two (2) years without requesting extension and securing approval thereof, or has been on leave of absence for more than six (6) consecutive years shall be automatically considered to have resigned. A member thus resigned who has no unpaid dues may be reinstated by the Board of Directors without payment of a reinstatement fee upon filing of a new application for membership, to be processed following the same procedure as admission of new members. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

SECTION 5. Cessation of Membership – Any member who is not in good standing for more than two (2) years shall automatically cease to become a member of the ASEP and will be automatically delisted from the roster of membership. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

Any member of the Association who ceases to be a member may apply for reinstatement within three (3) months reckoned upon receipt of notice of cessation of membership and shall be accepted upon compliance with the requirements for membership. Any member who fails to reapply for reinstatement within three (3) months shall only be accepted if he/she desires to apply for reinstatement after two (2) years and shall be required to file a new application for membership to be processed following the same procedure as for new members. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

Associate members must upgrade their membership to REGULAR MEMBER status within seven (7) years from acceptance. Otherwise they shall be automatically delisted from the Roll of Membership of the Association. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

An HONORARY MEMBERSHIP may be revoked upon the recommendation of the Membership Screening Board (MSB) and approved by the unanimous vote of the Board. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)

SECTION 6. Suspension or Expulsion – The MSB shall initiate proceedings toward the suspension or expulsion of a member upon receipt of a formal and notarized complaint, whether emanating from another member or non-members of the Association, for alleged commission of gross incompetence or gross violation of the Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice set forth by the ASEP, The Ethics Committee shall review the case and if there appears a prima facie evidence of guilt, it shall refer the matter to the Board of Directors which shall advise the accused of the charges against him/her who, if he/she so desires, may present a defense either in person or in writing, which shall be considered at a meeting of the Board of Directors of which he/she shall receive due notice. A Member may be suspended or expelled from the Association by vote of at least eight (8) officers and members of the Board of Directors. ( NOVEMBER 16, 2015.)


SECTION 1. Purpose – The Membership Screening Board (MSB) shall encourage qualified structural engineers to join the Association and shall take charge with the endorsement of admission to the grade of REGULAR MEMBER, ASSOCIATE MEMBER, or AFFILIATE MEMBER, and initiation of any proceedings toward the suspension or expulsion of a member. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

The MSB shall likewise, receive and transmit all nominations for elevation of members to the College of Fellows. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 2. Composition and Tenure of Membership Screening Board – The MSB shall consist of three (3) FELLOWS or REGULAR MEMBERS who shall serve for a term of three (3) years. The President shall appoint the members of the MSB, with the concurrence of at least six (6) members of the Board of Directors. Appointment to the MSB shall be so staggered that only (1) member is appointed each year with two (2) other members in order to attain continuity in its screening policies. The term of office of an appropriate to the Membership Screening Board shall start on the first day of the seventh month of the fiscal year. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 3. Qualifications – Any FELLOW or REGULAR MEMBER not otherwise disqualified, of good standing, and not on leave of absence may be appointed to the MSB.

No member of the MSB shall, at the time of his/her appointment, be employed with any firm other than those engaged in educational or purely professional engineering practice. Noincumbent member of the Board of Directors shall be nominated or appointed to the Membership Screening Board. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 4. Appointment Procedure – Each appointee shall be notified by the Secretary, in writing, of such appointment, at least fifteen (15) days from the date of effectivity.

Acceptance in writing by the appointee, shall also be given to the Secretary before the date of effectivity of appointment. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 5. Replacement – In case of removal, resignation, disqualification, disability or death of any member of the MSB, the President shall appoint his/her substitute with the concurrence of the Board of Directors. The new member shall sit in the MSB for the unexpired term of his/her predecessor in office; or in the case of temporary disability, until such condition has ceased, provided that resumption of the previously disabled member is still within his/her term limits. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 6. Chairman – The Chairman shall be appointed by the President, with the concurrence of the Board of Directors, from among the three (3) members. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 7. Implementing Rules and Regulations – At least twice in the fiscal year in time for the Regular Membership Meetings, the MSB shall act upon applications for membership. It shall set further Rules and Regulations to implement the Association’s policies on membership with the concurrence of the Board of Directors. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)


SECTION 1. Basic Fees – Basic fees for applicants and members shall be as fixed by the Board of Directors but in no case shall it be changed more than once in two (2) years.

Application fees shall be paid by applicants who are applying to become members of ASEP.

Upon acceptance, the new member shall pay the corresponding Initial Membership Fee. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)
It is understood that all basic fees enumerated herein, or as may be determined by the Board of Directors in the future, are non-refundable. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 2. Annual Dues – The annual dues for REGULAR MEMBER and ASSOCIATE MEMBER and AFFILIATE MEMBER shall be as fixed by the Board of Directors from time to time, but in no case shall such annual dues be changed more than once in two (2) years.

Annual dues shall be payable in advance, before the start of the fiscal year.

The College of Fellows shall review and set, every three (3) years, the annual dues for its members. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 3. Additional Fees – Additional fees may be collected for special activities and projects of ASEP, subject to the approval of The Board of Directors. (NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 4. Contributions – The Board of Directors is empowered to receive contributions from legitimate sources, provided the funds so received are used to further theobjectives of the Association. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)


SECTION 1. General Membership Meetings – Annual meetings of the members shall be held in May of each year and general meetings in December of each year at the principal office of ASEP, or at such other place as the Board of Directors may determine. The President shall report on the overall state of the ASEP. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

Special meetings of ASEP may be held, at the call of the Board of Directors.

SECTION 2. Meetings of the Board of Directors – The Board of Directors shall meetregularly once a month on a day, hour, and place that shall have been fixed in the first month of the fiscal year or at such other place as from time to time that they may determine. There shall be no necessity for a notice of Regular Board Meeting of the Board, except in case of change in day, hour, or place. The Board, at its discretion, may designate a portion but not the whole meeting as an Executive Session where only officers and directors shall be present.

Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be held at the call of the President.

A majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)
Attendees to the Board and Special meetings may include the Chancellor of the College of Fellows, the Council of Past Presidents and the President of the Institute of Specialist Structural Engineers of the Philippines. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

Voting by proxy shall not be allowed in meetings of the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3. Notices of Meeting – Notices for annual, general and special meetings for the members, together with the standard format of proxy letter, shall be sent by the Secretary by personal delivery or by mail at least fifteen (15) days prior to the date of the meeting to each member of record at his last known post office address or by publication in a newspaper of general circulation. The notice shall state the date, hour, and place of the meeting and the purpose for which the meeting is called.

Notices for regular or special meetings of the Board of Directors specifying the date, hour, and place of the meeting, shall be sent by the secretary to each director personally or by telephone, facsimile, electronic mail or by written or electronic message at least three (3) days prior to the meeting.

SECTION 4. Quorum – Ten percent (10%) of total members in good standing and a majority of the members of the Board of Directors shall be necessary at all meetings to constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

Every decision of the simple majority of such a quorum duly assembled by the Board shall be valid as a corporate act of the Association. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 5 – Robert’s Rules of Order – The latest version of Robert’s Rules of Order shall supplement parliamentary procedures within the Association, not otherwise provided for by these By-Laws. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)


SECTION 1. Composition and Tenure of Board of Directors – The Board of Directors (“ASEP Board or Board”) shall consist of eleven (11) members who shall be elected annually by the members of the Association. The incumbent or the most immediate past president who is available shall be a member of the incoming Board of Directors by acclamation of the members. The Board of Directors shall hold office beginning from the first day of the fiscal year for one (1) year or until their successors shall have been duly elected and qualified. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 2. Election Date – The election of the Board of Directors shall be held in the month of May. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 3. Notice of Election – The Secretary shall notify all members by post or electronic mail or facsimile or by posting in the ASEP website the notice for the annual election meeting at least thirty (30) calendar days prior to the date of the election, with a copy of the provisions of these By-Laws relating to the election of the Board of Directors together with any special information that may be required. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 4. Nomination Procedure – The Board of Directors shall create an ad hoc Nomination Committee composed of three (3) FELLOWS and two (2) REGULAR MEMBERS not later than the first week of March prior to every election. The Nomination Committee shall screen, nominate and finalize the list of candidates for the Board of Directors on or before the second Saturday of April. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

The incumbent or most immediate past president who is available shall be nominated as an ex officio member of the incoming Board of Directors. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

Members of the Nomination Committee shall maintain neutrality and objectivity during the election period. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 5. Qualifications of Candidates – Any FELLOW or REGULAR MEMBER may run for office provided that he/she is a member of good standing for at least two (2) consecutive years immediately prior to nomination. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

Incumbent Directors are automatically nominated. Incumbent Directors, who attended more than fifty (50%) percent of regular meetings of the Board in the current fiscal year as of the month of April are eligible for nomination. Incumbent Directors may only be nominated for six (6) consecutive terms. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

Members of the Nomination Committee are not eligible to run for office. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 6. Acceptance of Nomination – Each nominee shall be notified of his/her nomination and the nominee shall accept such nomination in writing on or before the first week of May. Otherwise, he/she shall be dropped from the list of nominees. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 7. Election Committee – The ad hoc Election Committee (EleCom) consisting of three (3) FELLOWS and two (2) REGULAR MEMBERS of ASEP shall be appointed by the Board of Directors not later than the first week of March. Any member of the EleCom shall be disqualified from being a candidate. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

Members of the EleCom shall maintain neutrality and objectivity during the election period. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 8. Election of Board of Directors and Officers – The EleCom shall conduct the election of the new Board of Directors. The EleCom shall be responsible for the supervision of the elections and its decision thereon shall be final. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

Immediately after the election of the directors, the EleCom shall proclaim and certify their election. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

Immediately after their election and proclamation, the directors shall elect from among themselves the President, the Vice President, the Secretary, and the Treasurer, all of whose term of office as such shall coincide with the term of office of the Board of Directors. No officer shall be eligible for a third consecutive term in the same office. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 9. Filing of Vacancies – In case of vacancy in the Board of Directors, the remaining members of the Board in a meeting at which a quorum is present, may, by
affirmative vote of the majority, appoint the substitute director to serve the unexpired term of his/her predecessor in office and until the election and qualification of his successor. In the event of three (3) or more vacancies in the Board of Directors, the Board may call a special election in a manner similar to the regular election, to elect and qualify the substitute directors who shall serve for the unexpired term of their predecessors in office. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

Any director who is absent, without justifiable cause, for four (4) consecutive regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be considered to have resigned as director. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

In the event of vacancy due to removal, resignation, disqualification, permanent disability, or death of the President, Vice President, Secretary, or Treasurer, the remaining Board of Directors in their immediate next regular or special meeting shall elect from among themselves the substitute qualified director who shall serve for the unexpired term of the original officer. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 10. Functions – The Board of Directors shall direct and control the affairs of the ASEP. The Board shall have general charge of the properties, business and transactions of ASEP with the power to manage, direct and supervise the same under its collective responsibility as provided in these By-Laws and the statutes of the Philippines. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 11. President – The President shall preside at all meetings of ASEP and of the BOD. He shall represent ASEP and have general supervision over the affairs of the Association and its officers. He shall appoint the Chairman and all members of every committee. He shall likewise have such other duties and powers as the Board of Directors may fix. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 12. Vice President – The Vice President, in the absence or inability of the President, shall act as President. In the event of the President’s removal, resignation,
disqualification, permanent disability, or death, the Vice President shall perform the duties of the President. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

The Vice President shall likewise have such other duties and powers as the President may delegate.

SECTION 13. Secretary – The Secretary shall keep true minutes of all meetings of the Association and of the Board of Directors, give notice of all meetings to members and members of the Board of Directors, prepare and present the business to be acted upon at all times, and in general, perform all duties incidental to such office, and perform such other duties as may be assigned to him by the President. In the absence of the President and the Vice President, the Secretary shall preside over the meeting of the Association or of the Board, and the Treasurer shall be acting Secretary. The Secretary shall preserve all membership lists and have charge of all correspondence of the Association. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 14. Treasurer – The Treasurer shall collect all dues, be the custodian of all funds and financial records of ASEP, and shall make all authorized disbursements. All disbursements shall be signed jointly by the Treasurer and the President. The Treasurer shall post such bond as may be required by the Board to guarantee the performance of his duties. The Treasurer shall recommend to the Board the appropriate revision of all dues. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 15. Removal of Director– Any of the directors may be removed for voluntary or involuntary causes, or for gross violation of the provisions of the By-Laws and any other ASEP rules and regulations. It shall be governed by the Implementing Rules and Regulation to be issued by the Board. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 16. Annual Budget – The President, assisted by the Treasurer, shall present to the Board of Directors a proposed expense budget for the fiscal year. The Board shall adopt an expense budget with the concurring vote of at least six (6) directors not later than the second month of the fiscal year. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

In the absence of a proposed expense budget as contemplated in the preceding paragraph, the approved budget from the preceding fiscal year shall likewise, be deemed approved and applicable for the current fiscal year. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)

SECTION 17. Replacement of Officers – With the affirmative vote of at least eight (8) directors in a regular or special meeting, the Board of Directors after due process may replace any officer by another qualified director. ( NOVEMBER 21, 2015.)


SECTION 1. Purpose and Establishment– To attain the OBJECTIVES of ASEP and assist in undertaking its activities, the Board of Directors shall have the authority to create STANDING, SPECIAL or AD-HOC committees and to define their respective powers, prerogatives, functions, duties and responsibilities. Such committees shall submit periodic reports to the Board of Directors. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

Unless otherwise provided, the following STANDING committees are hereby established.

These STANDING committees shall have a Chairman and Vice-chairman, appointed by the Board of Directors, who shall have a term of three (3) years. The Board may extend the terms of office of the chairman and vice-chairman, as may be deemed necessary. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

It is understood that aside from the primary functions enumerated for the following committees, each committee may perform all acts, necessary and incidental to their primary functions and not in contravention to the provisions of these By-Laws, and perform such other functions as may be assigned to it by the Board of Directors. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

  1. Committee on Membership (CM). The principal function of this Committee shall be to invite its existing members to be active and encourage participation in various activities of the ASEP. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

The committee shall explain the ASEP structure and objectives to all members in good standing. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

  1. Committee on Technical Publications (CTP). This Committee shall prepare and develop technical manuals, design aids, journals, newsletters, or bulletins which may be issued / published by ASEP. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)
  2. Committee on Continuing Professional Development (CPD). This Committee shall act as the Technical Working Group in organizing and facilitating workshops, seminars, lecture series and fora, conferences and/or conventions related to the structural engineering practice. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)
  3. Committee on Codes and Standards (CCS). The primary function of this Committee is to conduct periodic review of applicable codes and standards; to develop, update, push for necessary amendments thereto, and publish its final versions for dissemination to ASEP’s members and to the public. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)
  4. Committee on Research and Development (CRD). The primary function of this Committee shall be to initiate special projects and other projects leading to research and development to broaden the practice of structural engineering in the Philippines and assist the active members to be ready and globally competitive and prepared for the full swing of the cross-border practice in the ASEAN region. This Committee shall also act as the technical advisory group to special projects related to code development and update. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)
  5. Regional Coordinating Committee (RCC). The primary function of this Committee shall be to form a committee within a geographical region composed of at least ten (10) active ASEP members. This committee shall be headed by a Chairman and Vice-Chairman, both active REGULAR MEMBERS, appointed annually by the President. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

All programs and activities of the RCC shall be approved by the ASEP Board prior to implementation. The letterhead used by the RCC in their correspondences shall bear a common approved ASEP logo. The RCC shall be governed by the implementing rules and regulations for the regional coordinating committees. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)


SECTION 1. Composition and Officers– The College of Fellows, (COF), shall consist of Fellows of ASEP. The COF shall elect every two (2) years its Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor, Scribe and Bursar from among themselves. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

SECTION 2. Functions – The College of Fellows shall act as an advisory body to the Board of Directors. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

The College of Fellows, upon the approval of the Board, may conduct activities for purposes of raising funds for the COF, provided that these activities are lawful, coordinated with the Board of Directors , and shall not be in conflict with the ASEP’s activities. Proceeds from these activities by the COF shall be shared between the ASEP and the COF fund, the percentage of which shall be determined every two (2) years by the ASEP Board and COF
Officers ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

SECTION 3. Fees– The COF shall be exempt from paying annual dues to ASEP; however, the COF shall remit a minimum amount of Php 25,000.00 annually to the ASEP. This amount shall be reviewed from time to time by the ASEP Board and COF Officers. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)


SECTION 1. Composition and Function– The Council of Presidents shall be composed of active past presidents of ASEP. They shall act as an advisory body to the Board of Directors. They may attend and participate in meetings of the Board, but, they shall have no voting privileges during deliberations of the Board. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)


SECTION 1. Declaration of Recognition – The Institute of Specialist Structural Engineers of the Philippines (ISSEP) is an autonomous sub-organization of ASEP, ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

It is understood that members of ISSEP are also qualified members of the Association. The ISSEP Board shall form the Specialist Board of Examiners and shall be the representative of ASEP in the evaluation of applicants for structural engineering specialists. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

The ISSEP shall submit to the ASEP its annual list of active members for record purposes.

The ISSEP shall pay a fixed annual organization due to the ASEP, mutually set by the ASEP Board and the ISSEP Board. The ASEP Board and the ISSEP Board of Directors shall meet twice annually to discuss activities that may be performed by the organizations. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)


SECTION 1. Newsletter – The ASEP newsletter shall be the official publication of the ASEP. Notices and announcements relating to Association affairs in the ASEP newsletter shall be deemed as constructive notice to all its members. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

SECTION 2. Website – The Association shall maintain a website, as approved by the Board.

SECTION 3. Codes, Standards, Manuals and other Publications –The ASEP may publish materials in relation to its various activities.

SECTION 4. Review of Publications – All publications of the Association shall be reviewed by the Editorial Board appointed by the Board of Directors. All publications by the Association shall be approved by the Board of Directors. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)



SECTION 1. Fiscal Year – The Fiscal Year of the Association shall begin on the first day of July and end on the last day of June of the next calendar year.

SECTION 2. Audit of Financial Books – The Financial records of the Association shall be subject to annual audit by an independent Auditor designated by the Board of Directors.

SECTION 3. Inspection of By-Laws – These By-Laws with all amendments thereto, shall at all times be kept in a convenient place at the headquarters of the ASEP and shall be open for inspection to all of its members during business hours. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)


SECTION 1. PROCEDURE – Amendments to these By-Laws may be initiated by the Board of Directors, or on petition of at least fifteen (15) percent of the active members who are eligible to vote. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

Any amendments shall be adopted only upon an affirmative vote of a majority of the members of the ASEP in a regular or special meeting duly called for the purpose. No amendment shall be voted upon unless the membership has been given thirty (30) days’ notice of the proposed amendment, by mail, facsimile, electronic mail or other means of communication. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)



SECTION 1. UPGRADING OF MEMBERSHIP – Upon approval of these revised by-laws, all existing Affiliate Members are required to upgrade their membership status within three (3) years from the effectivity of these By-Laws. Otherwise, they will be delisted from the Roll of Membership of the Association. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)

SECTION 2. EFFECTIVITY – These revised By-Laws shall take effect immediately upon ratification of majority of members present in a meeting called for such purpose. ( JANUARY 11, 2016.)


The undersigned officers and members of the Board of Directors certify that the foregoing amended By-Laws of ASEP were adopted and ratified on May 20, 2016 at the Century Park Hotel, Malate, Manila by majority of members present in the meeting called for such purpose.




Vice President













Immediate Past President / Ex-Officio


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